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Sleep Deprivation – How to Get Your Much Needed Sleep

Great Sleep: an all too elusive target; leaving millions of Americans suffering throughout the day and night. The morning alarm and rising sun alert us to the start of another challenging day after a night of restlessness. We propel ourselves through the day, experiencing soaring highs and dreadful crashes. We chug down caffeine laden beverages in an attempt to survive this zombie-like existence, our now-empty mugs reflecting the emptiness we feel inside.

The harsh reality is, no amount of caffeine can replace the satisfaction of a good night’s sleep.

Whether your sleep deprivation stems from a busy mind, inflated anxiety, or the countless other woes that keep the light on in our minds, studies show that hemp can reduce the amount of sheep you count each night. In other words, using hemp products could equate to better sleep!

According to the published Permanate Study, 72 adults suffering from anxiety and insufficient sleep quality completed assessments at the beginning and end of a trial examining anxiety and insomnia. Those suffering from sleep related issues were distributed 25 mg CBD capsules before bed in an effort to track CBD’s ability to assist with insomnia. This study overall revealed that 66% of participants responded with having improved sleep scores. The Permanate Study is one of several conducted nationally and internationally examining CBD’s ability to combat one of America’s biggest issues.


Which form of Hemp works best?

As the surge in CBD use continues to rise, users are experimenting with various applications. Although each one is inclusive of the hemp derivative components, some may be more beneficial for alleviating sleep deprivation. There are a wide variety of options, including oils, edibles, smokable products and more. While smoking and vaping may seem like the number one contender due to their ability to rapidly affect the system, there are other options that may be more fitting in this particular scenario.

Experts have stated that sublingual oils, capsules, and edible options could be more appropriate due to the slower release of cannabinoids into the system, resulting in a longer and more restful sleep.

Hemp could change the way Americans view sleep and assist in discontinuing our dependence on caffeine. So before reaching for your favorite mug; chipped and faded from years of use without real satisfaction, let us offer you an alternative that may be exactly what you have been dreaming of – our seed to shelf hemp products.