At The Hemp Source it is our sole goal to provide the highest quality hemp derived CBD to our customers in a multitude of ways so they can receive the healing they deserve. We offer a variety of ways to consume CBD, see which is right for you.

100% Organic

We sell strictly GMO-Free, organic, vegan and 100% Natural sourced from 100% natural hemp.

Seed to Shelf

We are the supply chain. From our farms and extraction to our bottling and shipping, we are the source.

Harvested in USA

We curate the very best collection of CBD products from our farms right here in the USA.

Know where your products come from

Being a Seed to Shelf company allows us to know exactly how our products are made and brought to your shelf. Learn more of the benifits of shopping with us!



I'm writing about this product to let you know it really really works I was an addict for 18 years and got off of all that poison the doctors said I needed I tried to just ignore the pain but couldn't so I tried the hemp oil and let me tell you I am living without pain now. If you stay like with any medication on point with it, it will work for you as well a big thank you to MRS. DINAH B. for having this amazing product. 

Doug H.

Boaz, AL

Awesome! The staff were very knowledgeable about the product. I had been on every prescription and my leg still hurt due to a recent birth defect in my right knee. There is edema all around it. I told the lady, I would like a salve to put on it. She let me sample it first to make sure it helped. I bought one and this was the best investment I ever made. I rubbed a little on the parts of my leg that hurts the most and my pain subsided significantly! I also bought a tincture of CBD oil medium strength. The salve is awesome and I have already shared this place with my friends and family.

Carmen G.

Winston Salem, NC

Staff was very knowledgeable and fun! Had some great products and some good deals. We went by on opening day and will be back more. Go by and experience it yourself!

Tried some salve for a hurt foot that was pretty good. Some tincture to relax that worked extremely well. Bought a gummy edible and will try that soon. Although it’s a little expensive for me, it’s worth it to live without pain 24/7.

Ken T.

Wake Forest, NC



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